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Vitamin E

10 Benefits Of Vitamin E On Skin Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About!

By October 22nd, 2012No Comments

Benefits Of Vitamin E On SkinVitamin E is a fantastic skin vitamin and will benefit the cell membranes in your body. The appearance of healthy skin is treated from within, as vitamin E is also a great vitamin for dry skin problems. When the free radical quotient in skin is high, or there are other skin complications such as acne, vitamin E eliminates those radicals and helps the individual form better scar healing and reduce damage after acne.

When investigating what causes dry skin, we should also consider that deficiency of vitamin E is a major factor. Some people start using vitamin E creams on their body, but the top sources are best found through natural healing: ingredients such as olive and almond oils provide a great amount of vitamin E, and help balance moisture on the skin as well. The proper absorption would be achieved when applying the oils after a steamy bath or shower. Oftentimes, water or harsh soaps can dry our skin out and leave an unpleasant PH balance.

So, what are the 10 benefits of vitamin E on skin which are surprising that your doctor didn’t tell you about? Read below:

1. Vitamin E (especially applied on skin) can help burns and scrapes heal much faster.

2. Vitamin E can be consumed in supplements to dramatically improve dermatitis cases.

3. Vitamin E skin benefits include the improvement of dermatitis cases and alleviation of psoriasis. Vitamin E supplements restore the best balance of Glutathione Peroxidase, which helps the skin to recover.

4. Vitamin E helps balance sebum in the skin, and definitely stops it from decomposing. This is important for skin moisturizing.

5. Vitamin E also balances our skin cells’ repair process and protects them from oxidants.

6. In terms of sun protection and sun damage, vitamin E also protects the skin from UV rays.

7. Applied topically, one of the benefits of vitamin E on skin is that it can eliminate skin warts. It needs to be covered with elastoplasts, and the patient can also increase vitamin E supplements to help fight warts.

8. Vitamin E helps wounds heal better and causes blood to clot efficiently and quickly. Lack of vitamin E has often shown issues with bleeding.

9. Women see results from religious application of vitamin E topically to somewhat reduce and fade their wrinkles, and prevent new ones from forming.

10. Another interesting among benefits of vitamin E on skin is the reduction of Brown Spots. Yes, vitamin E oil can repair the damage by lightening the area and smoothing rough skin.

As an added bonus, when it comes to vitamin E benefits for men, vitamin E, which is a blood thinner, can help reduce arterial plaque by at least 50 percent, thus helping men to avoid atherosclerosis and heart diseases. Furthermore, the anti – cancer benefits of Vitamin E on skin may help men cut the risk of liver cancer, as per the study in the Shanghai Jiaotong University and the National Cancer Institute.

finally, it’s important to note that the benefits of vitamin E on skin work best in conjunction with other vitamins. Since retinol (vitamin A) is one hyped–up product which is used in many cosmetics brands for its anti-aging benefits, you should know that vitamin E is also responsible for balancing your retinol levels. The combination brings forth better skin, healthy mucous systems, and better eye sight.

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