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Dry Skin

10 Best Natural Remedies For Dry Skin In Children

By August 28th, 2012No Comments

Natural Remedies For Dry SkinWhen children are ill, it’s natural to not want to fill or coat them with every medication and toxic chemical on the market. We often turn to all natural and organic products and home remedies because we know that natural healing works when you start caring for your body early on in life. When it comes to dry skin, which is common in children from infancy to those awkward teenage years, finding moisturizers for dry skin that aren’t full of compounds we can’t pronounce may prove difficult, leaving us hunting for natural remedies for dry skin. If you aren’t into baby lotion or it’s proving ineffective against your little one’s scaly skin, consider one of our 10 best natural remedies for dry skin in children. As with any treatment, medication, or supplement, discuss any and all therapies you intend to employ with your child’s health care provider. He or she will give you advice before you proceed, including altering you to effects and contradictions that you might not be aware of when considering alternative remedies for dry skin.

1. Ground Oatmeal: Grinding colloidal oatmeal can relieve everything from poison ivy to eczema. Note, however, that some kids may be allergic to oats so it’s best to confirm with your dermatologist that it’s 100% safe for your little one.

2. All Natural bath oil: Oil is one of the best soothing natural remedies for dry skin. Be careful though, oil and water can make bath time slippery, so assist mobile children to avoid slips and falls upon entrance and exit, along with keeping a watchful eye during bath time. And most importantly, with dry skin, your child’s bath time should be limited to 10 minutes and hot water should be avoided at all costs since although it may feel soothing, it will dry the skin out even more afterwards. Luke warm or cool water is best, as well as using hypoallergenic fragrance-free body soap (such as Dove Sensitive soap) for washing your little messy soccer player!

3. Ice: Believe it or not, ice reduces itch. If your child is experiencing itchiness with their dry skin, consider a bag of ice to relieve this obnoxious symptom. Natural remedies for dry skin don’t get any quicker or easier than a trip to the icebox.

4. Aloe Vera: Aloe vera for dry skin is great and also helps with sunburns and poison ivy. It’s moisturizing properties also soothe and comfort irritated skin.

5. Olive Oil: Oils that are laying around in your cabinet are a great way to soothe dry and irritated skin. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the best moisturizers for dry skin, oils such as olive oil are great for children and big people too.

6. Honey: Women have been slathering honey on the back of their heels for a long time, and this bee byproduct will help soothe your little ones chafes and patches as well, making it one of the yummiest yet effective natural remedies.

7. Coconut oil: Recently gaining attention as one of the best natural remedies for dry skin, extra virgin coconut oil (the one you use for cooking!) adds tons of moisture without greasy after effects.

8. Dietary Changes: Vitamin deficiencies can cause dry skin, so one of the best natural remedies involves tackling the problem from the inside out. If your child is on a “beige” diet as picky elementary schoolers often try to be, then it’s possible that their dry skin is stemming from an incomplete food pyramid, or excessive sugar intake. Before considering other natural remedies, all moms should examine their kids’ diet whenever there is a sign of health trouble, since the power of natural healing gets activated when we supply our bodies with vital vitamins and nutrients.

9. Water: Making sure kids drink enough water is a challenge, but it’s vital for preventing and reversing dry skin symptoms. And while drinking it is crucial, applying it to the skin, such as during a bath, should be limited as it may dry skin out.

10. Petroleum Jelly: from diaper rashes to boo boos, petroleum jelly seems to be a cure all for people with kids, and a little bit on dry and scaly patches will help alleviate dry skin discomfort.

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