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Vitamin C

10 Best Vitamin C Supplement Brands For Women

By January 13th, 2013No Comments

Best Vitamin C SupplementWomen are notorious for wanting the best brands in everything they buy, and yet somehow, when it comes to healthcare, quality can take a backseat. Of all the things that you purchase that are important, things that are going into your body are just as important as what you’re putting on the outside, so skimping on quality or buying off brands doesn’t make any sense. Be a smart shopper when it comes to finding the best vitamin c supplement for you. If you do some research, you’ll find that it’s easy to find many of the best vitamin C options in brands you can trust. This will limit the potential for questionable additives, low quality product and even old or expired merchandise. While brands highly matter, given the fact that the D form of vitamin C is hardly absorbable by humans, finding l-ascorbate products is crucial as well in order to ensure that you are actually receiving the nutrients you are giving your body. Another good consideration is to look for buffered vitamin C. These products contain other minerals like magnesium and calcium which can reduce the potential for poopy problems due to its combination composition, and are particularly beneficial for women. All of these factors are significant to consider before choosing the best vitamin C supplement for you, and below you’ll find a list of the 10 best vitamin C supplement brands for women that are great products by reputable manufacturers:

1. Now Foods Ascorbic Acid Powder: under 20$ for a pound of nutrition? Ladies, you know a good deal when you see one, and from a preferred company like Now Foods, you can rest assured that this is a quality bargain. And remember to take ascorbic acid with your food as it may upset your stomach when taken separately.

2. Source Naturals Ascorbic Acid Crystals: Instantly dissolving and easy to add to juice, getting your nutrients doesn’t have to be in the form of vitamin C pills, give this versatile powder a try.

3. Now Foods, Vitamin C Crystals: Sold in a 8 oz or 227 g supplement container, this bioavailable type of Vitamin C in a form of a powder can be consumed in conjunction with other vitamin C tablets, such as Now Foods’ Vitamin C with Bioflavanoids.

4. Nature’s Way Vitamin C-1000 Capsules With Rose Hips: 250 of these powerful capsules will cost you about $17, but health-conscious women will surely see the benefit of spending a few extra bucks on the rose hips’ added natural antibiotics and antioxidant properties.

5. Now Foods’ C-1000 with Rose Hips & Bioflavonoids: These 1000 mg tablets (250 quantity per container) are similar in cost to our option 4 above, but with an extra kick of bioflavanoid power and suitable for those with sensitive tummies.

6. Beyond Health Vitamin C Buffered Powder: Touted as the only powder ideal for hypersensitive people, this buffered product is a great alternative to the more potent liquid vitamin C.

7. Beyond Health Vitamin C Buffered Tablets: A bargain at under $30 and from a reputable manufacturer of supplements, this is a great option for cost conscious ladies who don’t want to sacrifice safety or quality.

8. Natural Factors C Extra, 500 mg: How can you go wrong considering it’s from one of the best established brands that manufactures its products according to the Government of Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)? For a little over $7 for 90 Capsules, women get extra vitamin C boost from a mix of Citrus Bioflavonoids, Rosehips, Hesperidin and Rutin, that will help optimize your body’s utilization of vitamin C.

9. Nature Made Vitamin C: No artificial junk, just good quality ingredients, and a bargain of a price tag to go with it.

10. Now Foods, Chewable C-500: A surprising entry on our list of 10 best vitamin C supplement brands for women! Although not recommended by us due to its added harmful xylitol and sorbitol content (sugar and sugar substitutes are toxic!), if you absolutely must satisfy your daily sugar craving, these orange or cherry-berry chewable tablets are the best vitamin C supplement option for women on the go and super handy when you are sans water or the time necessary to have a healthy drink.

While you may be tempted to opt for a time release version of vitamin C, such as the Natural Factors Vitamin C Time Release, because someone at the store told you that some of the best vitamin C supplement products available are time released to provide maximum absorption and ease tummy discomfort, don’t get tempted. Research (for example, by Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University) shows that time-release vitamin C capsules can be twice less bioavailable than other formulations of this crucial energy- booster!

No matter which product from our list above you decide is the best vitamin C supplement for women, look for a few things when making your decision. Cost, origin of manufacture and ingredients are the most important things to consider. Sticking with reputable manufacturers will help make finding many of these answers easier ensuring that you’re buying quality products.

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