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10 Best Vitamins For Migraines Prevention

By October 29th, 2012No Comments

Vitamins For MigrainesMigraines are chronic conditions, and therefore they are often treated with lengthily and frequent doses of pain reliever in order to relieve the symptoms of these throbbing headaches. For some people, the notion of taking vitamins for migraines might sound silly, however, it’s becoming more and more evident that vitamins for migraines prevention is nothing to laugh at. Take a look at our 10 best vitamins for migraines prevention and ask yourself if vitamins might not only be a cure for your cranial woes, but if your deficiencies in these must-have nutrients isn’t one of the causes of migraine headaches that you are experiencing:

1. Magnesium: Menstruating women in particular have been studied in order to determine the effects of migraines and magnesium levels that were not up to par. The results showed that it is possible that not having enough magnesium can cause your brain pain.

2. Calcium: Because of the nearly proving migraine prevention power of magnesium, migraine supplements will also often contain calcium, which is necessary for the effective use of magnesium.

3. Vitamin B2: The ability to calm the brain down is the secret to this potential migraine reducer. Vitamin B2 migraine prevention therapy is often combined with magnesium.

4. Vitamin D3: Studies have linked head pain and not enough vitamin D, so if you’re deficient, you might find that you are getting more cases of tender temples.

5. Folic Acid: A recent study has suggested that folic acid might reduce the frequency of attacks.

6. Vitamin B6: Responsible for helping to produce dopamine, serotonin and histamine, healthy levels of B6 are important to reduce allergy triggered migraines.

7. Vitamin B9: B9 is used to treat depression, inflammation and headaches and is showing promise as a potential prevention supplement.

8. Vitamin B5: You might not think of things found in your shampoo as good vitamins for migraines, but B5, the cortisone maker, can help to counteract stress, a commonly reported migraine trigger.

9. Vitamin B3: Niacin (B3) is responsible for multiple body processes, and helps your body release the energy from food. A deficiency in this critical vitamin could possibly trigger migraine headaches.

10. Vitamin B12: Rounding out the list of vitamins for migraines prevention is vitamin B12, which reduces homocysteine levels that, when elevated, make individuals more prone to migraine attacks.

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