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10 Causes Of Migraine Headaches In Men

By August 26th, 2012No Comments

Causes of Migraine HeadachesMigraines are awful. They can be substantially more painful than a regular headache and can last days. Given that they occur in stages, you may start to experience the symptoms of an attack 2 days before it begins. Effectively treating migraine headaches can prove difficult, and therefore identifying the causes of migraine headaches in an attempt to reduce triggers that might be your reasons for migraines is the first line of defense against these head splitters. Below you will find the top 10 causes of migraine headaches in men, and while some of them might be of no surprise, it’s likely that you might be shocked by one or two of them when asking what causes migraine headaches:

1. Alcohol Consumption: Triggers vary from person to person, but many people report alcohol intake as a trigger for migraine headaches, especially those who are sensitive to the histamine found in red wine.

2. Caffeine: that cup of coffee that turned into 4 might be causing your head splitting ache. Caffeine has long been thought to be one of the top causes of migraine headaches.

3. Lack of Sleep: Not getting enough zzz’s at night might be sending you into stage one of migraine zone. If you are finding that you are sleeping less, consider that you’re nighttime choices can wreak havoc on your noggin.

4. Prolonged tension in the neck: Couldn’t get the boss to buy you that squishy office chair? While debatable, it is thought that tension in the neck which for example can come from discomfort while sitting could be one of the lesser considered causes for migraines.

5. Football: Well, not exclusively football, but physical trauma from the game with the boys that didn’t feel so bad at the time can manifest itself fays later in the form of a throbbing migraine headache.

6. Hunger: Worked all day and thought lunch was optional? Well you may find yourself calling off sick in exchange for that added productivity. Hunger has been reported as a possible cause of migraine headaches.

7. MSG and Processed Foods: Recently, MSG has been associated with migraines, so if you tend to stockpile your cabinets with processed foods and MSG laden noodles, consider if your diet could be doing more than making your head spin.

8. Gluten: While there is no conclusive evidence to support it, it has been suggested that gluten and migraines might be more related than we think. It is possible that people suffering from potentially unknown gluten intolerances experience migraines.

9. Meat and Cheese: Men love meat, and cheese, however the amines found in meat and cheese might be one of the lesser known causes of migraine headaches.

10. Fatigue: Being over tired can trigger migraine headaches whether related to stress or overdoing it. Try relaxing and taking it easy if your body is starting to feel like it just can’t go on before a migraine headache makes sure of it.

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