Omega 3 Benefits For MenOmega 3's are essential to many physical processes, however, because our bodies don't make them, we have to get them from foods we eat or supplements we take. certainly make the effort to get enough of this necessary nutrient in your diet and while many of the following relate to both genders equally, many of the associated conditions are more common in men, making them of extra importance to the burlier gender. So if you're looking for another good reason to grab a plate of salmon or a fish oil capsule, check out this list of 10 fish oil omega 3 benefits for men that may surprise you:

1. He-Man Heart – Maintaining healthy levels of omega 3's in your system can help potentially reduce your risk of heart attack.

2. Reduce RA: The discomfort in joints and muscles commonly associated with RA is a potential malady that can benefit from omega 3.

3. Powered Up Prostate: One of the most important omega 3 benefits for men is its likely ability to stave off aggressive and often deadly forms of prostate cancer.

4. Tetering Triglycerides: The link is mostly relevant to triglycerides, or “bad” cholesterol. It's thought that these fishy fats can help bring this number to healthier levels.

5. Balance blood pressure: For men battling high blood pressure, a frequent dilemma that becomes more abundant with age, omega oil benefits may provide some stability.

6. Staving off Strokes: It's possible that the blood thinning abilities of omega 3's might provide enough blood flowing helping out to keep dangerous clots from forming and migrating throughout the body.

7. Lacking Libido: Not feeling in the mood? It might be because you need more fish oil to increase desire and performance.

8. Pleasure picker upper: Omega 3's are thought to increase the amount of dopamine that the body releases which can lead to an increase in feelings of well being, as well as add some mood enhancing prowess to the bedroom.

9. Better your Bowels: Just because men enjoy their toilet time doesn't mean that it needs to be as a result of unhealthy bowels (including constipation problems). Keep them actively healthy with omega 3's.

10. Asthma attacker: Because of the anti-inflammatory properties associated with Omega 3's, it's thought that they can help increase lung health, a tremendous asset for men exposed to lung pollutants and asthma inducers in their chosen lines of work.

There are many other omega 3 benefits for men that there simply wasn't room for on the list. For instance, the link between is worth noting, as well as the benefit for men with larger than desired waistlines to benefit from supplements. Regardless of why you choose to select fish oil omega 3, the most important thing is that you choose it, whether via diet or supplement.

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