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10 Grandma’s Secret Natural Cures For Constipation In Adults

By December 17th, 2012No Comments

Natural Cures For ConstipationGrandmothers and grandfathers have been passing down hokey home remedies for centuries, and while you may consider some of them laughable, the results some adults achieve with home remedies are no laughing matter. Consider natural cures for constipation for instance. While it’s easy to head to the pharmacy for over the counter laxatives for constipation, you may have everything you need for many natural cures for constipation right in your home or kitchen. And don’t panic about these Grandmas’s home remedies, none of them are suggestions for a constipation enema, they’re simply natural healing alternatives geared toward providing gentle relief to an age old problem. If you’re looking for natural cures for constipation in adults, then start with our list of the top 10 natural cures for constipation from decades of practice from experienced elders.

1. Loosen it up with lemon water: lemon water is a great option for two reasons. First, the digestive properties of lemon help clear unwanted blockages and control indigestion symptoms and even diarrhea because of increased efficiency in the GI tract; and extra water keeps everything flowing nicely.

2. Move it along with molasses: Molasses and honey are both excellent overnight relievers of mild constipation, and two teaspoons before bed can help ease symptoms.

3. Break it up with beans: beneficial fiber from this hearty mainstay were probably a more essential part of diets in decades past, however it’s a good alternative to get a little bit of fiber than roughage or bran.

4. Soften it with sauerkraut: Consuming up to half a cup of fermented cabbage daily is not only an effective natural way to unclog the drain but is extremely healthy for digestion since it regulates stomach acid. Interestingly, sauerkraut raises stomach acid in individuals when it is assumed to be too low, and it lowers stomach acid in cases when it is too high.

5. Open it up with an oil pack: Saturate flannel with E.V.O.O and cover with scotch tape secured plastic wrap over the abdomen and warm with a heating pad. This external treatment can provide relief and soothing effects from the heat as well. While many have heard of olive oil constipation remedies, this one works from the outside in.

6. Unplug with pickles: It’s been suggested that dill pickles or simply drinking the juice can help relieve constipation. And, when you consider the fact that almost every corned beef sandwich (notorious digestive demons) are served with a dill spear, the connection makes much more sense.

7. Make it flow with milk: Oddly enough, dairy seems to be both a culprit and a cure for constipation according to Grandma’s notes. Hot milk with a teaspoon of sugar and ginger may help stimulate and move along the bowels.

8. Clear out with castor oil: Yuck. It may not be what you want going in your mouth but castor oil constipation remedies persist because it has long been regarded as an effective constipation fighter.

9. Get a gush with grape juice: Fruit juices such as grape and apple are the first line of defense for constipation and children, but the colon doesn’t stop benefitting from these digestive crusaders as we age, and mild cases can potentially be remedied with this fruity drink.

10. Coax it out with candy: Not just any candy however, peppermint! Perhaps the tastiest of all the natural cures for constipation is peppermint in any form, but the most enjoyable by far is the sweet after dinner mint.

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