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10 Miraculous Health Benefits Of Magnesium Supplements

By December 1st, 2012No Comments

Health Benefits Of MagnesiumThe lettered vitamins like C and B are well known to everyone to be very important, but what about other vital nutrients that tend to get less air time but can be just as problematic if deficient? Even though you may not hear about it much, the health benefits of magnesium are numerous and having an insufficient amount can be a contributing factor to many conditions.

Natural healing starts with proper nutrient balance, and because so many essential vitamins and minerals require each other to work properly, balance and harmony are even more important. Magnesium for kids can be found in fresh foods and in supplements, and while for adults it may be very tempting to rush out and grab a bottle of the best magnesium supplement on the market, you can also gain nutritional benefit from dietary changes. If simply having your entire nutrient levels in check isn’t enough to motivate you that obtaining enough magnesium is very important, perhaps learning more about the health benefits of magnesium will, and there’s no better place to start than right here with our list of 10 miraculous health benefits of magnesium supplements!

1. Curing Constipation: Magnesium citrate benefits are many, but its medical use as a powerful laxative agent cannot be ignored. Supervised use of magnesium in this way can help prevent numerous types of bowel disease.

2. Reducing Restlessness: Having proper levels of magnesium can help you sleep better which will improve your feelings of well being all day long.

3. Kidney & Liver Disease: Not receiving enough magnesium is thought to be a contributing factor to disease of these two vital organs.

4. Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Settle down with proper amounts of magnesium supplements. It’s thought that a deficiency can lead to fluctuations in mood.

5. Migraine Mitigat-or: When it comes to treatments for migraines you might be shocked to find magnesium supplements on the list, however it’s thought to keep them at bay when appropriately abundant in your system. In fact, clinical studies confirm that magnesium supplements, when taken in daily doses of at least 375 mg, are effective in curing migraines.

6. Asthma: Not having enough magnesium can trigger the symptoms of asthma, and it’s possible that magnesium might be helpful against this respiratory ailment.

7. Osteoporosis: The relationship between calcium and magnesium is undeniable, and having too little magnesium can lead to improper absorption of calcium making bones brittle. When taking vitamin supplements, the proper ratio of magnesium to calcium is 1 to 1.

8. Fatigue: For people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, magnesium given through an IV by a health care provider can relieve the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

9. Obsteterics and Gynecology: Health benefits of magnesium supplements are potentially big news in lady land. Magnesium is purportedly a remedy for PMS, cramps, infertility, premature contractions, preeclampsia and more. Additionally, it is thought, although unproven as well, to reduce the risk of cerebral palsy and SIDS in infants.

10. Detoxification: Multiple actions such as blood vessel dilation and antioxidant properties make magnesium an essential element to detoxifying the body.

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