Pau D Arco Tea BenefitsMedicines come from nature, and even in the form of tasty tea. While its common sense to know that tea can warm you up on a cold night or soothe your senses before bed, many people don't know that some teas can actually provide health benefits, some of which can be very surprising! benefits include battling small infections and even potential cancer links. Pau d arco tea (also known as or ) is made from a powerful herb derived from the bark of a tree and you may think it sounds crazy, but check out this unbelievable list of 10 purported you won't believe:

1. Pulverizes Parasites: Ewwwww, traveled out of the country and brought an internal souvenir home? While still unproven, are thought to include treatment for parasitic diseases.

2. Conks Out Candida: Debate it or not, lab tests have shown the active ingredients to have an effect on candida, the fungus who's overgrowth is thought to be responsible for infections and general poor health. The jury is still out on whether or not it helps to remove toxins from the body, including excessive candida. It cannot be considered as a stand-alone cure for candida, but it's sure approved on the anti-candida diet list!

3. Cancer Contender? There is no evidence that pau d arco tea benefits include curing cancer, but lab tests did show it to have some effect on certain types of cancer cells. Much more research will be needed to determine the true pau d arco tea benefits in relation to cancer however. Eliminating sugar from a cancer patient's diet will no doubt prove to be more effective than including pau d arco, but it sure won't do any harm!

4. Fungus fighter: Pau d arco is a natural anti fungal. It's thought to be able to alleviate toenail and fingernail fungus.

5. Skin Saver: Native people have traditionally used concoctions containing pau d arco for including eczema and psoriasis, although these uses have not been proven in this application.

6. Depression Depresser: Pau d arco is thought to be effective against both chronic fatigue and perhaps depression, the way in which it potentially does this however is unknown.

7. Heiney Helper: It's thought that pau d arco tea has laxative properties and that drinking regularly will help maintain colon health.

8. Herpes Handler: Although minimally discussed, some proponents of this wonder herb claim it can reduce the symptoms of herpes simplex.

9. Infection Investigation: Lab tests have shown pau d arco to be effective against many bacteria, although its use in humans for this purpose has not been studied.

10. Tummy Trouble Terminator: Interestingly enough, even though nausea is a frequently reported side effect of pau d arco, it's also equally known as an aid for ulcers and stomach ails.

Like all drugs, natural or not, herbal remedies carry both risk and side effects. They can interfere with medications that you are taking, or conditions that you may have. It's critical that you seek proper medical counseling before use and ensure that you are buying un-tampered with product from a reputable vendor.

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