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Vitamin B

B Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms – Hair Loss And Skin Issues!

By August 26th, 2012No Comments

B Vitamin Deficiency SymptomsCosmetic and shampoo manufacturers love for you to not take your vitamins. Oddly enough, they fill their bottles and bars with the vitamins that our bodies are not getting enough of. The next time you take a shower, consider why you are trying to give your body vitamins from the outside when you could be putting them on the inside. The reason why this is important is because vitamin b deficiency symptoms start in your hair and skin, the very things you are trying to moisturize and enrich to death with your new bottle of Paul Mitchell and bar of Dove. Because vitamin b is so essential to our body’s functioning, it’s amazing that more people aren’t putting it on their plates at every meal. Vitamin b 12 deficiency symptoms in women for instance, can cause emotional problems. Who on Earth wants to give women more emotional problems? Lacking in vitamin B3 can cause dermatitis and diarrhea, and not getting enough B9 can cause birth defects.

Some of the most common vitamin b deficiency symptoms however, affect the hair and skin. A lack of vitamin b2 can leave you with seborrheic dermatitis. Sure, you can go see a dermatologist and whip out 30 bucks for lotion every two months, or you can make sure that you aren’t depriving your soul vessel of vitamin b2. Vitamin d deficiency and hair loss have been linked, but vitamin b7 can also leave you headed for the wig store. Vitamin a for skin has gotten a lot of newsworthy buzz recently for its anti aging properties, but your b vitamins are just as important. Vitamin b deficiency symptoms from a lack of b5 can include acne.

The best way to get rid of your hair loss and skin issues long term is through natural healing of your body with vitamins. And the best way to get them is from ingesting them. Whether you choose to do that by enjoying a large steak or an omelet, or taking your multivitamins is up to you. However, getting them from a shampoo bottle is the least likely effective way to treat vitamin b deficiency symptoms. If you think that the reason that your skin and hair isn’t looking the way that it used to and that you are showing symptoms of vitamin b deficiency, consider changing your diet and speaking to your doctor about taking vitamin supplements. He or she will work with you to develop a meal plan that encourages intake of all the little workers that make our bodies function properly, and also will assist you in determining if your deficiencies, hair loss and skin issues are caused by underlying illness.

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