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Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements For Kids And Infants Mom’s Guide!

By February 4th, 2013No Comments

 Benefits Of Fish Oil SupplementsGetting kids to eat fish can be next to impossible, and the mechanics of getting an infant to ingest the protein of the sea is even more complicated, however that doesn’t mean that children don’t still require EPA and DHA, the core goodness found in omega 3’s, in their diets. To that end, there are supplements. The benefits of fish oil supplements for kids are evident from the very start of life, and studies have even suggested that there are benefits to omega 3 pregnancy prenatal supplements as well.

For instance, one of the studied benefits of fish oil supplements in infants are their ability to potentially stave off allergies like food allergies. And, as with children, EPA and DHA are necessary to many growth functions. For instance, proper development and growth of the eyes relies in part on proper amounts of these vital nutrients. Brain function has also been linked to the benefits of fish oil supplements where diets fail to provide adequate amounts. The growth and development of this all important organ requires the fruits of fishy oil to for cultivation and proper function.

Given its important role in growth and development and other potential healthful benefits, it’s easy to see the benefits of juvenile and infant supplements and the benefits of fish oil pills during pregnancy. However, even though the omega 3’s found in fish oil are important, it’s important to maintain healthy levels of all of the nutrients that the body needs for normal function. For instance, a vitamin D deficiency in children can potentially lead to rickets, and having a vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy can start your child on the wrong track to proper nutrition. Luckily, a table spoon of high quality Norwegian cod liver oil, such as by Twinlab or Icelandic cod liver oil by Garden of Life, will supply your kids with not only good levels of omega 3, but also with valuable and safe natural sources of vitamins A and D. A daily spoonful of liquid fish oil supplements tastes awful so you may need to get a bit creative when it comes to feeding it to your little ones!

What’s essentially ideal is to work with your health care provider during pregnancy to ensure that your diet is adequate and that your supplements are sufficient to fill dietary gaps. The same is true for infants and kids, who benefit from well rounded diets and whole and healthful foods. If you think that your child requires the benefits of fish oil supplements, or other nutritional supplementation, speak to their health care provider, to make the best decisions for your unique child, and confirm with their physician that it is ok to give fish oil supplements to your infants or kids.

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