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Best Tea For Constipation Relief – Top 10 Options!

By December 20th, 2012No Comments

Tea For ConstipationIt seems like there are more available teas than we know what to do with. In fact, there are even whole mega mall stores now devoted just to tea; and, with good reason. Tea provides holistic healing for many ails, including blocked bottoms. Tea for constipation has been used for centuries due to its gentle relief, ease of preparation and soothing properties. You can even combine different types of tea for different flavors, aromas and benefits. Consider the following list of the top 10 choices for best tea for constipation relief:

1. Black tea with honey or molasses: the industry standard, good old regular tea (feel free to purchase organic!) can help relieve constipation.

2. Clove Tea: Don’t get crazy, this is powerful stuff! Good for clearing the colon and as a complementary candida treatment too!

3. Peppermint tea: A seasonally favored tea that tastes great and improves digestive function.

4. Senna Tea: A stronger laxative than some over the counter remedies, use this tea for constipation sparingly!

5. Green Tea: Lots of caffeine is found in this best coffee substitute that is packed with antioxidants. But use this tea for constipation relief as well and achieve even more benefit!

6. Tulsi Tea: Teas like tulsi have tons of phytochemicals and can offer body healthy benefits like cholesterol reduction aside from laxative like properties.

7. Burdock: A better known example of Chinese teas, burdock is not only helpful against inflammation and infection, it also can be a useful tea for constipation relief.

8. Ginger: Popular in Asian cuisine, and equally in tea for aiding digestion (and added flavor as an unintentional but well received consequence).

9. Licorice Tea: They say that people either love or hate the flavor and smell of licorice, but if you’re on the side that love this powerful natural medicine, you may be surprised to know that it can be used as a tea for constipation.

10. Fennel Tea: Fennel has only recently started being used more in cuisine and fine dining, but it has been used for much longer as a health remedy. Making fennel into a tea for constipation may seem odd, but has been occurring for much longer than purees and gastriques!

Remember that not all herbs and remedies are safe for everyone. Pregnant women, children and people with medical conditions should not consider alternative medicines without first consulting a doctor. Many herbs are considered medicine and can carry side effects as well as contradictions with both medical conditions and medications. Even if taken in tea, your doctor should be consulted before engaging in any herbal treatment.

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