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Yeast Infection

Best Yeast Infection Treatment OTC Brands – Danger Alert!

By January 28th, 2013No Comments

Best Yeast Infection Treatment When women feel a yeast infection coming on because of symptoms such as itching, burning, irritation, redness, unusual discharge with unpleasant smell or color, or discomfort during sex, many head straight to the drug store to pick up an OTC tube of cream or vaginal inserts commonly used for treating yeast infections. However, many popular OTC brands carry side effects and drug interactions that you should be aware of whether you’re wondering how to rid yourself of a once in awhile yeast infection or how to treat candida in the event of frequent or recurring instances. You may find that you aren’t happy with the potential side effects of the purported best yeast infection treatment that you have chosen.

Even the most popular items on the shelf that women grab when looking for the best yeast infection treatment over the counter carry side effects. Oddly enough, the most common ones are merely an exacerbation of existing symptoms such as burning and irritation. Additionally, nausea and abdominal cramping have also been reported. For people using Warfarin, a danger of harmful drug interactions may exist because of the way that both medicines are metabolized in the liver. Diflucan is another popular option for the best yeast infection treatment, but, unlike their over the counter equivalents, Diflucan side effects are much more pronounced. While it carries normal symptoms such as gastrointestinal ails and headache, liver disease has also been reported, although rare.

Also known as thrush in some parts of the world such as Australia, yeast infection is the most common (fungal) of the three types of vaginal infections followed by bacterial and parasite kinds, and is arguably the most evident symptom of candida albicans overgrowth in women. The infection can occur in men as well, and is commonly caused either by irritation or injury to the genitals, such as from tight clothing or rough sex, or by the body’s way of eliminating toxins (such as allergenic chemical personal hygiene products, birth control pills and antibiotics, etc). Our body typically detoxifies through the liver, kidneys and lungs, however, other areas such as skin and genitals as in case of yeast infection, are also known detox channels.

If you are looking for the best yeast infection treatment without side effects but long term benefits, consider a natural cure for yeast infection by building up your immune system via healthy low carb, moderate protein and fat diet, and vitamin supplements, so your system gets strong enough to naturally make candida change back into the harmless and even friendly organism it is actually supposed to be in the body (until it overgrowth due to poor health). Remember that relying only on vaginal yeast localized treatment options offered by best OTC brands will not prevent you from reoccurring infections because they will be simply temporarily suppressing the symptoms, just like other chemical drugs do.

Remember that you should talk to your health care provider, particularly if your symptoms are persistent, severe or recurring. Frequent yeast infections could be a sign of many things, including medication sources, but most commonly a candida overgrowth. If you suspect that an overgrowth is to blame for numerous yeast infections, you may want to ponder a candida cleanse, dietary changes or both in order to bring the amount of candida your body is harboring back to safe and healthy levels.

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