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Butterbur Extract Side Effects Vs Root Compared

By December 21st, 2012No Comments

Butterbur Side EffectsRegaled as alternative to otc migraine medication due to its effectiveness as a migraine menace (perhaps even more than feverfew herb, its natural competitor), and with butterbur allergies remedies considered comparable to Zyrtec, it’s not a wonder that this powerful herb is considered one of the best natural remedies available. However, for all that is possesses that is good, sadly, there are still butterbur side effects to be considered. This is where the cooperation between Mother Nature and supplement manufacturers is so important. Read below about what to be aware of when shopping for your butterbur extract, and what type of butterbur product to avoid.

The root of the butterbur plant contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) that can cause serious problems. While most butterbur side effects are considered to be mild, those arising from the PA’s found in the root can cause dangerous effects such as liver damage and damage to the lungs and also cause problems with blood circulation. This is why root derived products that are not manufactured to be PA free can be dangerous.

When using butterbur extract that is free from these dangerous chemicals, you can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that PA free extracts have far fewer adverse considerations. Butterbur side effects in non PA containing formulations are much more mild and ordinary, and many people experience none at all. Effects you can expect include burping and nausea and fatigue and drowsiness.

Pregnant women however, should avoid BOTH forms; the PA containing root product and the PA free extract. While the root form is known to cause damage to the developing baby, the extract that contains no PA has not been tested and until further studies have been conducted on butterbur side effects in pregnant women, this herb is a big no-no for expecting mothers.

While the root form of butterbur may seem like the more natural way to take this powerful herb, it can be dangerous and so therefore its use should be restricted to extracts and supplements containing the PA free form. Before taking any supplement or extract however, consult with your health care provider to ensure that butterbur will not interact with any health conditions that you have or medications that you are taking.

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