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Calcium Supplements For Women Over 50 – Is 1200 Mg Daily Too Much?

By August 28th, 2012No Comments

Calcium Supplements For WomenCalcium supplements for women are all the rage. The word “osteoporosis” has become so commonplace, most women proceed through life with great certainty that they will at one point in their golden years be afflicted with this bone deteriorating condition. Is it possible however that the National Osteoporosis Foundation For Women’s estimates of 1200 Mg per day entirely too much? The jury is still out, but it’s worth exploring, given the theories that calcium supplement side effects when taken in excess of what the body needs can lead to a whole host of ailments and conditions that could potentially be avoided by considering that your recommended calcium daily requirement might be too high.

The Chinese know not of osteoporosis, as they haven’t come up with any description of it in 3,000 years. Their diets normally give them around 250 mg of calcium per day, and yet they seem to have no issues. You won’t find calcium supplements for women on their market shelves or find calcium fortified foods readily there. How does this make sense considering their seemingly bone bending intake? Well, according to Dr. Mercola’s research, it’s been suggested that the body excretes around 100 mg only per day. While still in debate, this correlation between what we think the body needs versus what it appears to be removing in excess is quite the conundrum.

Calcium supplements for women do provide us with essential minerals we need to promote good bone, nerve and muscle health. Many of the products you find today are calcium citrate vitamin d supplements that also contain that d vitamin we need to help the body absorb our bone builder. However, it’s been suggested that women need no more than one calcium 600 d per day in order to maintain desirable levels of this mighty mineral.

Speak to your health care provider about calcium supplements for women. He or she will discuss with you the importance of maintaining adequate levels of calcium, and the risks associated with having too much. Remember that only 500mg of calcium supplements for women over 5o can be absorbed by the body at one time so you may need to take more than one daily dose. However, the best way to get your nutrients is from organic food (since non-organic compromises its vitamin value from the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and growth promoters and drugs like antibiotics, in animals). If you are worried about taking too many supplements or having a few too many milligrams, you can always turn to food sources to give your body its fix safely and naturally. A healthy diet is the best natural healing method.

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