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Pau D Arco

Can Pau D Arco Cause Candida Die Off?

By January 8th, 2013No Comments

Pau D Arco Cause CandidaThe pau d arco candida link has been explored for years now, and the relationship of this Amazonian herb and prolific fungus can be rather confusing. In lab tests, pau d arco benefits include the eradication of excessive candida, however symptoms of candida die off are likely not actually related to pau d arco tea.

To effectively remove overgrowth of candida, which is believed to affect over half of the population at some point in life, and push the body into the candida die off mode, dramatic dietary changes must be made. One of the best methods by which this is achieved is to remove many of the things that candida loves to munch on from your diet. This includes many things, but primarily sugars, its favorite food, and high carbs. This does not mean that pau d arco candida removal methods are ineffective, merely that it is not appropriate as a standalone contender against this mighty metaphoric mushroom. The bottom line is: no, pau d arco alone cannot cause candida die off, but can be effectively used together with other approved anti-candida foods.

The best way to use pau d arco candida treatments is in conjunction with other candida removal methods, such as boosting your body with vital nutrients that the body is highly likely deficient in if one has candida, in a form of vitamin supplements. Either way, changes in diet to a low carb, moderate protein and fat one, are absolutely critical to combating candida, and considering the fact that candida is a purported cause of everything from cancer to constipation, getting rid of an over abundance of it may be able to relieve symptoms of many conditions and improve overall general health. While pau d arco cancer links have also been made, most researchers agree that for pau d arco to be effective against cancer, excessive and toxic amounts would need to be ingested.

Changing your entire diet to accommodate the obliteration of candida is hard and many people don’t want to commit to the lifestyle changes necessary to reduce candida and improve overall health, which is why pau d arco candida tea is becoming more popular. People are assuming that drinking pau d arco tea can help reduce candida without any difficult diet changes, and not only is this not the case, it can be hazardous considering pau d arco side effects. While many are mild, such as nausea and diarrhea, some can be severe and include thinning of the blood. Pau d arco tea is also not appropriate for use in pregnant women or children.

It’s important that you discuss major dietary changes and any herbs and supplements you intend to use, with your health care provider before proceeding. This is to ensure that they are safe for you to take and also that they won’t interact with any medications that you are taking or health conditions that you might have. Candida die off can be safely and effectively set in motion, and while many herbs are effective and helpful when on a candida diet, they are not standalone options for combating this common fungus.

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