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Candida Albicans

Can You Really Kill Candida Quickly Without Diet – 10 Myths

By January 27th, 2013No Comments

Kill CandidaWith all the hype surrounding modern day detoxes and cleanses, many people wonder “is candida real” and if so, what’s the best way to treat it and quickly? Candida overgrowth is caused by an unhealthy body. This can be from toxins, a nutrient imbalance, or inherited deficiencies. You may be surprised to find out that suspected overgrowth CAN be treated with diet but not as quickly as you wish, and that many misconceptions about medications intended for the same purpose can be misleading. Whether you’re considering medications or natural healing to curb your candida, our top 10 list of myths concerning how to kill candida and whether it’s possible to do so quickly without diet is worth reading!

1. Myth – You can KILL Candida: You can’t kill candida. It’s a naturally occurring friendly flora that hangs out in your intestine. Just like the dormant cancer cells in all of us that start causing harm once our health deteriorates, so does this fungus lives in all of us until it overgrows due to poor health. You can however reduce its overgrowth and bring the amount of candida that you have on and in your body to a healthier level.

2. Myth – You can eliminate candida through antifungals: Antifungals may assist in treating yeast infections, but this does not treat the root cause of symptoms, which is candida overgrowth.

3. Myth- If you kill candida, you will have die off symptoms: Since you can’t kill candida, die off symptoms (commonly referred to as herxheimer reaction candida symptoms) aren’t a result of same, however the gradual drastic change in diet and nutrition required to bring candida to safe levels will push your body into a detox mode and cause some candida cleanse side effects or, more appropriately called healing reactions.

4. Myth – Candida is a toxin and must be treated with medicines: Candida is not a toxin but a fungus, and some suggest that an over abundance of it might be linked to toxins, therefore medicinal treatment is ineffective!

5. Myth – You can kill candida in the mouth with hydrogen peroxide: Peroxide rinses and washes may help quickly reduce the symptoms an overabundance of candida in the mouth, however it is not addressing the root cause of the overgrowth!

6. Myth – You can kill candida with antibiotics quickly: You absolutely cannot treat candida with antibiotics, and in fact, in some cases, antibiotics can be responsible for the overgrowth since they suppress your immune system and along with the bad bacteria eliminate the good ones, thus compromise your body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

7. Myth – Quick or short cleanses (one-two week programs etc) will eliminate the fungus quickly: Candida cleanse formulas sold in your local health store that claim to kill candida may seem tempting, but all they will do is assist in pushing your body into the detox mode faster, which means that your healing reactions may actually be more severe than if done gradually via a longer period of healthful and balanced nutrition, and vitamin supplements, which balance out candida levels. In order to get healthy naturally, it normally takes about one month of proper anti-candida diet and supplementation for each year of a person’s poor health (since the very first symptoms of general health deterioration, for example since teenagehood etc). For most adults, it takes about a year or more to get candida under control. Read our other articles for more information.

8. Myth – Diet cannot quickly restore good candida balance: Changing your dietary habits can make a dramatic difference in your candida content because it literally starves the colony of the nutrients it needs to thrive!

9. Myth – Antifungals are safe and have no side effects: ALL medications can potentially have side effects, even natural ones, when taken in wrong doses and if they conflict with chemical meds!

10. Myth – If I don’t use medicines to treat my candida it will return: Wrong! It may return, however it’s much less likely to return in an immune system that is naturally healthy and nutritionally balanced!

If you are committed to your health, do not get tempted by “magic” quick solutions that supposedly kill candida without diet. Understand that our body was designed to be able to heal itself naturally when given proper vitamins and nutrients instead of symptom-suppressing chemicals, and although it may be scary to embark on a long and challenging path to becoming healthy, you will thank yourself later for extending your own life!

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