Clove Oil BenefitsWhen it comes to natural remedies, few are as well rounded as Thanksgiving's favorite spice, the clove. While a powerful pie flavorer, go beyond those of the culinary world, and you will likely find that you at some point will have an ail that can be relieved with cloves health benefits. It's quite possible that ail in question might be an overgrowth of candida.

While cloves can be tasty (and very nutritious considering the plethora of important nutrients contained within; including , phosphorus, potassium, vitamins A, B, and C and sodium) you'll likely have a hard time incorporating enough of them into your daily diet to achieve much, and that's where can really be useful. Clove oil is a much more versatile product to use for medicinal purposes, and can be taken orally, mixed with water to form a or applied to the skin. Clove oil benefits include everything from relieving toothache pain to curing headaches, but it's potency as a fungus fighter is perhaps one of its more impressive feats.

Clove oil benefits include treating athlete's foot, and while it's a pretty different condition from candida overgrowth, it's still a testament to the ability of clove to battle fungal infections. And remove toxins from the body. Candida is most abundant in the intestine and the mouth and this is where clove oil does its magic, working to keep from becoming more and more plentiful. Of course, it's important to remember that if you do, in fact, have candida overgrowth, clove oil alone will not eliminate it but will rather work together with an anti-candida low carb, moderate protein and fat diet, and vitamin supplements. Read our articles in the candida section of the website to find out more specific information on how to battle candida overgrowth.

Clove oil benefits don't stop at candida however. It's also a transporter of many vital nutrients. In fact, sufferers of a vitamin B deficiency can potentially benefit from enjoying cloves. Gaining all of the important is also easy with cloves, a great source of this lettered vitamin.

Although from nature, side effects can arise from the use of cloves and . Before using them medicinally, consult with your health care provider. He or she will ensure that you do not have any health conditions or take any medications that might be affected by the use of cloves.

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