Detox Diet Meal PlanIf you're still wondering “,” you're not alone. These body cleansing procedures have been made more and more popular thanks to movie stars and celebrities. There are many different types of choices in a , and some of them are used for different things. We all know that not all diets are created equal, and the same is true for detoxification and body cleansing. In fact, there are some detox diet meal plan options that can do more harm than good, and can even be health harming if you do not know all the risks involved. We've compiled a list of the top 5 popular plan ideas to avoid, with some explanation as to why you may not want to choose these options for your detox diet meal plan. So check with your doctor for potential dangers AND check out this list before starting on any sort of a detox program!

1. : Aside from how hard the body has to work on a consistent raw food diet, other issues with a raw diet include bacterial contamination and digestive issues.

2. : One of the biggest issues with some liver detox options is that they work; and, sometimes too well. When the liver is purged of its withheld toxins and pollutants, it sends out a wave of nasty throughout the body while it's being cleansed. In people who are sick, ill, or have compromised immune systems, this can be problematic.

3. Vegan detox: Detoxifying the vegan way is just fine if you don't need any B12 or zinc. However, you DO NEED and zinc, and, you need to eat animal foods to get these things. If you choose this detox diet meal plan, it's important that you are supplementing with essential nutrients that your body needs.

4. Fasting Detox: Lemon water is an increasingly popular detox, however no nutrients are coming from the small smidgen of lemon being squeezed into your purified water. The acid from lemon water is more suitable for soaking nuts and grains in overnight, as to make them digestible. Fasting is not recommended but if you must, it is better to eat a simple organic egg, which will provide at least some nutrition to the body during your unload plan.

5. Sugar in the Diet Detox: Sugar is a huge no-no on any detoxification plan; particularly refine sugars, those found in sweets and processed treats, for instance. It feeds the growth of candida and can cause other body malfunctions! Note that natural sugars are similar to the refined type in terms of their effect on our system, so beware of juice diets that are filled with fruits, as well (not to mention that the acids may make your teeth sensitive!).

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