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Feverfew Herb Plant Benefits

By January 20th, 2013No Comments

Feverfew HerbOddly enough, this plant named for its fever reducing qualities is not necessarily known for reducing fevers. While old wives tales indicate that in centuries past that this daisy like plant was useful in many healthful applications, today’s science suggests otherwise. This is not to say that the feverfew herb is not a powerful natural ingredient, however what it is truly useful for, and not useful for is a little clearer now than it was in the dark ages.

Unsubstantiated claims of feverfew benefits include fever reduction, arthritis, skin conditions, tinnitus, and stomach ailments. There is not a lot of evidence to support these claims, but even less evidence yet of some of the more farfetched benefits of the feverfew herb. These include infertility treatment, anemia, colds, cancer, bone troubles and gas. Interestingly enough, feverfew has purportedly been used for liver disease, however, like the butterbur herb, when taken in very large doses, feverfew can have an adverse affect on the liver by slowing down its natural processes, which makes it unlikely that feverfew herb plant is of much benefit to the liver.

So where does the benefits in feverfew extract lie? It’s all in your head. And, that doesn’t mean that you’re just imagining that the feverfew herb is a natural wonder. It means that this often invasive greenery has been shown to be an effective remedy for migraine headaches! Not only has it been shown to help relieve them, it’s also been suggested that the feverfew herb, when taken over time, can reduce the severity of future headaches, and the rate of recurrence. This means that migraine sufferers can have more mild headaches, less often. In fact, feverfew herb plant is generally approved by and even suggested by Neurologists, as an alternative migraine treatment to toxic chemical drugs which, when accumulated in our body over time, can cause potentially severe long term health issues. The feverfew herb plant benefits for migraine headache pain have often been compared to those of magnesium citrate supplements, so check with your doctor to confirm which natural healing method is right for you, and in which quantity.

So the feverfew flower might not be the “cure all” that old wives have hailed in decades past, but that doesn’t make it any less potent or effective at treating some conditions. With further future testing, it may be possible to unlock even more medical marvels from this imitator plant. Remember that it’s important to discuss any and all herbs that you are considering with your health care provider prior to doing so to determine if it is safe for you to take.

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