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Candida Treatment

Herxheimer Reaction Candida Die Off – 10 Things To Expect

By June 23rd, 2015No Comments

While the herxheimer reaction candida link is still a topic of debate amongst the medical community and natural healing industry, it is in fact a genuine occurrence for many types of bacterial treatment and inflammation therapy. The basic process of the herxheimer reaction is a result of endotoxins being released by the targeted organisms of treatment. This in turn can lead to side effects, or, in the case of the common fungus, candida die off symptoms. The most commonly reported effect of a herxheimer reaction candida or otherwise, is an exacerbation of existing symptoms. As such, you may experience all or none of the 10 items on this list of things to expect from a herxheimer reaction cadida link:

1. Candida Skin Rash: Interestingly enough, one common symptom of candida yeast overgrowth in the first place is a rash; however it can appear during the healing process as well as a byproduct of treatment.

2. Fatigue: Again, a common symptom for candida sufferers, this symptom can either appear or be worsened by cleansing.

3. Headaches and Migraines: Migraines and headaches are associated with candida overgrowth, however they may worsen, or appear, during a course of treatment.

4. Trouble Sleeping: Neurological disorders are not uncommon in candida sufferers, and having a difficult time getting some zzz’s can be a result of a candida die off as well.

5. Stomach Issues: Stomach discomfort is associated with many conditions, diseases, and treatments as well. It’s not a wonder that it’s also associated with herxheimer reaction candida die off symptoms.

6. Fever and Chills: Temperature changes in the body can occur with the mass die off of excessive candida that can leave you feeling flulike and under the weather.

7. Bone and Muscle Pain: Achy joints and skeletal discomfort can occur, especially at the early onset of a candida die off.

8. Hypertension / Hypotension: Blood pressure changes are sometimes present during candida die off and could be caused from stress and other symptoms as well.

9. Mental Complaints: Confusion, dizziness and memory loss are all associated with herxheimer reaction along with some other neurological complaints.

10. Abnormal Lab Results: Although not really a symptom, you may expect to find that your next blood work results are a bit off kilter. For instance, and elevation in liver enzymes has been reported. Once your body clears out the toxins and you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your test lab results will continue improving.

It’s unlikely that you will experience all of these symptoms associated with the herxheimer reaction, however knowing what to expect can help you understand the effects you may experience during the first few weeks of treatment. The important thing is not to panic and assume that the unpleasant “healing” symptoms (that’s what they essentially are) might be a sign of worsening of your condition. For many people, a candida die off is more than just a natural cure for yeast infection symptoms, it’s about cleansing the whole body to achieve greater overall health, and knowing what to expect and how to keep the body healthy during the process will contribute to greater success and better long term health. Remember that in order for your body to heal itself, it must first go through a worsening period before getting significantly better. Just like your body reacts during a cold or a flu recovery period (gets worse before getting better).

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