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How To Relieve Bloating Fast Naturally?

By August 27th, 2012No Comments

How To Relieve BloatingMy stomach is bloated! It’s a common phrase uttered by many after a Thanksgiving meal. However, overeating isn’t the only cause of bloating. Lactose intolerance, IBS, gluten intolerance and other food allergies can also cause your stomach to swell. The pain and discomfort associated with bloating can be so severe that it mimics the symptoms of appendicitis and heart trouble, so it’s no wonder that people are quick to try to find a solution to relieve bloating fast.

If you’re wondering how to reduce bloating fast, you might be swayed towards the antacid aisle. Believe it or not, antacids don’t actually treat your distended abdomen; they simply make it easier for you to pass the gas that may be causing it. Because of this, may people look for a natural remedy for how to relieve bloating symptoms, and thankfully, they are abundant.

While you might not feel like it when you have the sensation of toting a watermelon around in your gut, one of the best answers to the question of how to relieve bloating fast naturally is to simply try to take a walk. Many people find fast relief from moving around, specifically if your protruding tummy is due to over indulgence.

Natural healing methods can be quite effective. Natural remedies for bloating include herbs and teas that will help unpoof your belly fast, and are especially useful if you’re bloating is from some other source than gluttony. If you’re wondering how to relieve bloating with herbs, give sweet fennel, pasque flower, ginger or mint tea a try.

The best natural remedy is most often avoidance, and if you’re thinking about how to relieve bloating before it starts, there are many tips and tricks to keeping your abdomen protrusions in check. Eat slowly, and limit your intake of salt, fizzy drinks and gluten-filled foods like bread and pasta. Don’t eat at bedtime and reduce your sugar intake. Finally, consider taking digestive enzyme supplement before your meals to help break down and digest carbs, fats and proteins, since our body’s ability to produce these enzymes declines with age. By taking these steps, you can reduce your incidence of bloating before it starts, and relieve unpleasant symptoms.

Remember that bloating can be a sign of serious medical conditions. If you are having extreme pain, or bloating that is excessively frequent, speak to your doctor. He or she will want to ensure that you do not have underlying health conditions that could be causing your undue puffiness. And finally, if you experience frequent bloating, consider it as your body’s signal to review your lifestyle and make diet changes, since natural healing of our bodies can do wonders. After all, most of our health concerns can be directly linked to our digestive system, so supplying the body with proper nutrients and vitamins from healthy foods and vitamin supplements is the number one step one should take at any sign of non-life threatening health trouble.

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