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How To Take Feverfew For Migraines – Dosage

By January 26th, 2013No Comments

Feverfew For MigrainesWith most otc migraine medication, dosing and symptom relief are pretty cut and dry, but it may come with potentially dangerous long term side effects. Feverfew for migraines is a safer choice for those in favor of natural healing methods, and is relatively easy to take, however dosage and frequency are a little less well defined.

Feverfew for migraines is not a new idea. For centuries, people have used this herb to counter headaches, fever and other ailments. While using this daisy lookalike for a broad range of health conditions has yielded mixed results, feverfew for migraines on the other hand is actually backed by some scientific studies and user trials, which could be why it is becoming much easier to find and easier to purchase.

Similar to migraines and magnesium supplements, which you also may have tried, feverfew migraine supplements are available at most vitamin and health food stores, and of course found in abundance on the internet. Selecting quality products from reputable purveyors is the first step to ensuring that you are getting the best natural migraine treatment you can, and that dosage is safe and accurate, which will prevent unwanted feverfew side effects, although minimal and mild in general.

You will find varying doses of feverfew for migraines available. This can be confusing, and so you will need to determine what you are purchasing feverfew for. If you are interested in a product designed to treat occurring migraines (not necessarily the intent of feverfew for migraines in the first place) then you might consider a supplement product with a dosage of 380 mg. At this dose, you can expect that any feverfew side effects that are possible would be much more likely. However, if you are intending on using feverfew for migraines for long term prevention, frequency and symptom reduction, the recommended dose is then 50-100 mg one time per day. This dosage has proven effective in some users to reduce how often migraines occur and also, how intense the symptoms are.

Don’t ever take any supplement, herbal or otherwise, without first discussing it with your health care provider. He or she will want to determine whether or not you are healthy enough to take your selected natural products, and whether or not it will interfere with medications that you are taking or health conditions that you have.

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