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How To Use Butterbur For Migraines – Dosage For Adults

By January 12th, 2013No Comments

Butterbur For MigrainesMigraines in adults can be terribly painful and last for hours and even days. Good news is on the horizon however for sufferers of the hampering headaches. Butterbur for migraines is making big news, and this centuries old remedy for treatment for migraine headaches among other things is becoming more and more popular, and not just in the alternative medicine community. Butterbur use is even being approved by many conventional neurologists who typically prescribe harmful chemical drugs!

The strongest herbal competitor to feverfew, it’s thought that butterbur migraine therapy is so effective because the components of this herbaceous helper get the crazy constricting blood vessels, the source of most migraines, to settle down and take a literal natural chill pill.

Butterbur is different from other migraine supplements in that the effectiveness increases over time; and while some effects may be immediate, significant and long term reduction appears gradually and usually over a period of about 4 months. This is of course with proper and consistent dosage of butterbur for migraines.

The average dosage of this herbal extract for adults is between 50-100 mg twice per day at meal time, although this varies. It has been suggested by some researchers that the best way to find the correct dose for you is to use the higher dose for up to 6 months and then reducing the dosage gradually awaiting the recurrence of symptoms. Taking butterbur for migraines isn’t an exact science yet, and because of the length of time required to achieve long lasting results, you may have to adjust the dosage between the 50-100 mg range in order to find the one that is best for you.

Be aware when shopping for this super supplement however. It’s absolutely critical to avoid products containing PA (pyrrolizidine alkaloids). This is because the butterbur side effects associated with PA containing compounds include both liver and organ damage.

If you are considering butterbur for migraines, be sure to talk to your doctor to ensure that it is safe for you to use this remedy. He or she will want to be certain that it won’t interfere with any medical conditions that you have or medications that you are currently taking. With proper medical counseling and consistent dosage, you may be able to benefit from the natural power of this centuries old medicine. And remember, migraines are most often caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, so before you plunge into the world of chemical medicine that is toxic to your body, consider making dietary changes (such as remove gluten-containing foods and sugar) and use vitamin supplements (such as magnesium citrate), to help cure your migraines naturally.

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