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Dry Skin

Is There A Vitamin For Dry Skin And Hair Treatment?

By October 19th, 2012No Comments

Vitamin For Dry SkinOftentimes, many of the everyday symptoms we encounter are merely our body’s way of telling us that we are missing vital nutrients that it needs to function and be healthy. Even less severe symptoms of vitamin deficiency such as dry skin and hair can be a nuisance, and while it’s very easy to change your shampoo and lotion, it’s just as easy for you to improve your diet or ensure that you are supplementing your dietary intake with a vitamin for dry skin and hair treatment.

There is no one particular vitamin that can be an instant treatment solution of dry skin and hair because vitamins work best in a complex and it takes time for our body to get adjusted to the change and start the natural healing process. All vitamins are important for skin and hair in some way, but when it comes to vitamins for dry skin, vitamin A is essential. As a matter of fact, one of the first symptoms of vitamin A deficiency is dry and scaly skin, thus making vitamin A for skin a powerful dryness weapon. You may also experience flaking and pimples if you aren’t getting enough vitamin A. Vitamin E and skin are closely related also, as vitamin E restores moisture to dry and itchy skin. You will find many lotions chock full of this nutrient as it’s a very important vitamin for dry skin.

Your hair will benefit from vitamins A and E as well. Vitamin E doesn’t just give moisture to the skin; it also travels northward to your moisture deprived scalp. Having adequate levels of all of your vitamins will do more than give you luscious locks, it will also keep them on top of your head as vitamin d deficiency and hair loss have recently been linked.

Believe it or not, it has been suggested that bathing more than once a week can contribute to dry skin. While today it’s less than socially acceptable to strut around carrying the dirt and crud of an entire week around on your exterior, the fact is that your skin needs the oils that you are consistently scrubbing away with your loofah. The easy fix for this? Omega-3. Fat soluble omega-3 from fish oil or cod liver oil can help replace your skin’s natural oils that scurried down your bathtub drain.

If you’re looking for a vitamin for dry skin and hair, look for a supplement packed with A, D, and E, and omega-3 fish oil. Liquid cod liver oil by popular brands like Twinlab, Carlson and Garden of Life is an effective vitamin for dry skin and hair treatment choice since it contains your daily dose of not only omega- 3, but also vitamins A and D. The rest of your body will thank you as well, because their benefits are more than skin deep.

Remember to discuss any supplements you intend to take with your doctor, to ensure that they will not interact with any medications you are taking or conditions you may have. Additionally, remember that you can obtain all of the nutrients your body needs by eating a healthy and well rounded diet, and that will leave you with more than just a gorgeous head of hair.

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