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OTC Migraine Medication – Instant Relief Or Slow Killer?

By August 28th, 2012No Comments

OTC Migraine Medication Medications can be toxic to the body. Ask anyone who has taken a few doses of chemotherapy or a nerve medicine. While it is true that your doctor only prescribes medication to you where he or she has weighed both the risk and benefits to your body, this level of care and thinking is not always present when it comes to over the counter medication. In the case of otc migraine medication, the instant relief that you are craving can be causing permanent damage to your body. Unfortunately, the lack of available treatments for migraines sends many people to the pharmacy to grab treatment for migraine headaches without them considering the potential long term consequences, especially in cases of frequent use.

Oftentimes, otc migraine medication is simply amped up versions of what non migraine sufferers use for everyday headaches. Some otc migraine medication products contain combinations of multiple pain relievers designed to alleviate an attack once started. While all medication carries a risk of side effects, drugs that combine multiple compounds are likely to yield more severe side effects, and the ongoing use associated with migraine sufferers can lead to long term damage and a slow death.

For instance, advil migraine ingredients are NSAIDS, and though side effects are usually minimal and mild, using it regularly over a lengthy period of time can lead to deadly liver disease. Ibuprofen migraine has similar effects and risks.

Excedrin migraine is a popular otc migraine medication but it combines caffeine, acetominphen and aspirin. Therfore you can expect side effects of each one of its components and some extra ones resulting in the combination. Continued use of this medication over extensive period of time has been associated with kidney disease.

It’s important to speak to your doctor about any medications you are taking, even if over the counter. This is especially important if you find that you are taking otc medications in excess. The damage that ongoing use of medications can do to your body is often irreversible and you may have more success by reducing the frequency of your headaches by reducing migraine triggers and adapting to lifestyle changes that can prevent the frequent recurrence of these debilitating headaches. So whenever you get tempted to pop an otc migraine medication pill, remember that there are natural healing methods, such as a healthy low carb/moderate protein diet and vitamin supplements, that are more beneficial for your well-being for years to come.

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