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Reasons For Migraines And Headaches – Candida And Toxins!

By August 24th, 2012One Comment

Reasons For MigrainesMany studies have been conducted concerning the reasons for migraines and what causes and triggers an attack. The trouble is that one person’s reasons for migraines might be very different than the next. While common triggers such as alcohol, fatigue and caffeine can all be answers to the question of what causes a migraine in addition to the well-known genetic component and female hormones, there are other lesser known factors that you might not be considering.

One commonly reported migraine trigger is heavily processed foods and MSG. It may seem silly that eating a bowl of processed cereal or MSG packed noodles can cause a screaming headache, but one of the best ways to achieve good overall health is to remove toxins from the body, and let’s face it, MSG is a toxic substance all things considered. This popular food additive contains neurotoxins that are damaging to our central and peripheral nervous systems, and yet it had been approved by the FDA! MSG is found in all the natural flavorings, commercial condiments like broth mixes and sauces, and even low fat milk! Consider your diet as one of the most likely reasons for migraines and possibly work with a dietician through an elimination diet to determine if compounds found in foods or processing chemicals or additives are the reasons for migraines you are experiencing.

You may also be experiencing a fungus among us, in the form of good old candida. Now, candida hangs around on us all the time, but having signs of candida overgrowth have been associated with many health ailments, including migraines. And, while there is no conclusive research to prove that this over abundant yeast infection is responsible for many of our daily aches and pains, a study actually found that of its participants who had migraines, 16% were also simultaneously experiencing a yeast infection. That’s a lot of fungus. However, remember that candida doesn’t always show up in a form of a female yeast infection; the overgrowth is most often found in our intestines. And poor intestinal health is not only one of the potential reasons for migraines, but also one of the reasons for many other health issues.

It’s important to consider all of the factors that may be causing your cranium pains. Alcohol, caffeine, lack of sleep, physical trauma, stress and many other things can all be triggers. Consider further that different people have different reasons for migraines. No matter what it causing your headache or migraine trigger, it’s important to eliminate or reduce the occurrence of as many of them as possible. Speak to your health care provider about what you think may be causing your head pain and he or she will work with you to eliminate as many causes as possible.

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