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Role Of Calcium In The Body Explained!

By August 26th, 2012No Comments

Role Of Calcium In The BodyWe’ve all been told since we were old enough to remember that we’d better finish our milk because we need our calcium. It’s likely that none of us ever questioned why we needed this so badly, we just drank our milk so we didn’t get grounded. However, the role of calcium in the body is utterly critical to our biological processes, so grab a glass of milk (if you are lactose tolerant!) and have a read about all of the wonderful benefits of calcium.

Making the connection between calcium and bones is an easy one. It’s been drilled into our craniums that we need strong bones, especially while in our youth and growing, and so we need our calcium. The role of calcium in the body is not just critical while we’re in our awkward middle school years however; from the time we’re born until we’re older and we start to weaken, calcium is critical. Calcium and osteoporosis go hand in hand, meaning that from babies swaddled in microfiber blankets, to senior citizens chilling on front porches, everyone needs their proper intake of this vital nutrient.

The role of calcium in the body does not stop at bone health however. Your ability to form blood clots depends partially on calcium also. You might also be surprised to know that muscle health and nerve function are also impacted by the role of calcium in the body. Why is it so important to get enough of this vital nutrient? Well, because your body is a tricky contraption. If it is not getting enough calcium from you to support its essential nature to muscle, nerve and hormone health, it will steal it from your body’s calcium storage silos – your bones and teeth.

The role of calcium in the body and its huge significance cannot be understated. That’s why it’s ciritcal for you to get as much as your body needs. Whether you choose to do that via supplements or diet is up to you, however you don’t have to keep a cow in your backyard to get your daily dose. Collard greens and broccoli are great ways to get your fix, however with so much non-organic produce being irradiated these days thus significantly reducing the amount of calcium in our food, your most reliable and best source of calcium may actually be the white supplement pills. And finally, remember that what you choose to eat or drink to get it is not enough to keep your bones and muscles healthy, so make sure to stay active and exercise regularly.

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