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Pau D Arco

Taheebo Tea Preparation Guide

By December 14th, 2012No Comments

Taheebo TeaWhen you see the words taheebo, lapacho and pau d arco, you may think that you are dealing with three different things, but that is not the case. All are common names for pau d arco tea (as its probably best known). It’s thought that drinking this tea can provide many benefits including candida overgrowth reduction, reduction of inflammation and relief of arthritis, although as with many herbal remedies, these claims are still unproven.

Preparation of taheebo tea is not as simple as taking a store bought tea bag and submersing in hot water. While you may find commercially prepared pau d arco, taheebo or lapacho tea bags online, this is hardly the preferred method of preparation, and is unlikely to yield the same pau d arco benefits as a more traditional preparation.

While you will likely find many recipes for making taheebo tea online, you need to be very cognizant of many things. For instance, you do not know if you will experience pau d arco side effects if you are a first time user. You also are likely unaware about the quality or contents of your raw bark product meaning that you could have very potent product, or very weak. For these reasons, it’s important to start with a mild taheebo tea until you evaluate the quality of you product and also see how it will affect you.

Recipes for taheebo tea, regardless of quantity, typically employ the same methodology across the board. A specific amount of dried product is boiled with a proportionate amount of water for around 10- 20 minutes. The concoction is allowed to sit for awhile before being strained and enjoyed. While some recipes call for up to 8 teaspoons per quart of water, this is risky and not recommended. Ideally, one teaspoon per quart of water is more advisable.

Some important tips for preparation include using distilled or purified water for your tea. This will ensure good flavor and no additives. Additionally, storing your brew in a glass container will keep it tasting great. Aluminum containers can affect the flavor of taheebo tea. The most important preparation note is to consult with a health care provider before making this tea. It can affect health conditions and medications, and may not be appropriate or safe for everyone.

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