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Candida Treatment

Treating Candida Myths: 3 False Cures Revealed!

By January 27th, 2013No Comments

Treating CandidaThere is no one best quick method for treating candida. It is a long process that involves cleansing and whole nutrition to remedy. However, that hasn’t stopped evidence of false cures from popping up, and not only will most of them not effectively kill candida (although you can’t actually kill it, but rather shrink it back to its healthy size), they can have side effects as well! If you’re wondering how to treat candida, don’t do a thing until you read about these 3 false cures for treating candida!

1. Colloidal silver candida treatment: There are some who suggest that this metallic compound can help in treating candida both internally and externally, however not only is this theory largely unproven, there can be very dangerous side effects to using this treatment such as literally turning your skin gray and kidney and neurological problems. There is no evidence that colloidal silver is of any benefit, particularly when ingested and it should be avoided.

2. Hydrogen peroxide candida treatment: Hydrogen peroxide is a tricky myth because it actually does work to assist removing candida overgrowth in certain cases. It can be effective as a thrush remedy, treating candida overgrowth in the mouth. However, it isn’t a true candida cure because it’s only appropriate for use in the oral cavity, and never ingested, just swished around and spit out, essentially used as a rinse. In fact, ingestion of hydrogen peroxide can lead to gastrointestinal complications that can be painful! Remember that regardless of where on or inside your body candida overgrowth pays you a visit, treating it with a strict low carb, moderate protein and fat diet, as well as vitamin supplements, is the only long term solution to get the fungus monster back to its original harmless state.

3. Iodine Candida Treatment: Iodine has been touted as a cure all for infections, ailments and conditions all across the board. In fact, a deficiency of this staple is thought to cause a whole host of health maladies such as arthritis. While iodine is an important nutrient indeed, it’s purported use as a candida remedy is nothing more than hogwash. More people are likely to be short of it than have an overabundance, but if this therapy is used in candida cleansing, too much iodine can exist in the body leading to side effects such as seizures and vomiting and goiters and intestinal damage.

There are no “magic” cures for candida overgrowth, and the three myths topics discussed here can have potentially hazardous effects if not used properly or at all. One of the biggest myths when it comes to the subject of treating candida, has to do with the false belief that candida is the cause of health deterioration, while in reality candida is actually the result of poor health due to years of dietary negligence, incorrect combination of nutrients in the body, stress, insufficient oxygen on the cellular level, the body’s inability to detoxify itself properly thus causing accumulation of toxins, and genetically acquired poor nutritional status (from parents). When falsely thought of as a temporary condition that can be easily and permanently removed from the system, myths about cures such as the colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide or iodine, and others, become widely spread. Read our other articles about proper natural methods of treating candida that will guarantee long term health benefits vs potentially dangerous consequences.

It’s imperative that you discuss any natural healing remedies, your candida cleanse and the detoxification routine that you are considering, with your doctor to ensure that they will not conflict with your current medical condition and medications.

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