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Valerian Side Effects – Liver, Heart, Depression, Constipation?

By December 14th, 2012No Comments

Valerian Side Effects Valerian is a flowered plant whose pleasantly aromatic scent was even used as a perfume centuries ago. It has many health benefits as well, but the one it’s best known for is making sleepy time easier. This natural mild sedative has been used for other ailments including migraines and tummy troubles as well. As with any medication, from over the counter or under a bush, side effects exist, but you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at how short the list of valerian side effects actually is.

For instance, when it comes to overconsumption, one of the reported side effects of valerian is giddiness. That may sound terrible, but in comparison to some of the side effects associated with mainstream medicine, a little mania is low on the list of health hazards. Valerian overdose however, has been associated with tummy troubles, allergic reaction and depression.

A more expected entry in the list of valerian side effects is a feeling of groggyness or dizziness. This is however expected with an extract that is commonly used for its sedative like qualities. This can nevertheless make riding lawnmowers or anything else with wheels and an engine dangerous, and you should avoid them at all costs until you know how valerian will affect you.

It’s been suggested that valerian is a cause of constipation, however considering its purported assistance with sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome; this claim cup holds little water. Although to be fair, there have been few studies done with valerian side effects in order to discover its true benefits and potential adverse outcomes.

One of the more comical yet completely safe valerian side effects worth mentioning is its pungent odor. While the flowers may smell lovely, the oil’s scent has been compared to stinky cheese and dirty feet. To combat this, consider using the dried herb form in tea as opposed to valerian extract. Tea is also a great way to introduce yourself in small doses to the herb and determine how it will affect you.

Valerian is a safe and effective herb that most people have little or no adverse reaction to. It’s mild and gentle, yet effective. However, before taking any herbal remedy or supplement or getting crazy with tea concoctions, talk to your health care provider to ensure that valerian will not interfere with health conditions that you have or medications that you are currently taking. Valerian can cause problems with the liver and heart as a side effect of certain medications and conditions.

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