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Vitamin B

Vitamin B2 Deficiency Symptoms In Adults

By October 19th, 2012No Comments

Vitamin B2 Deficiency SymptomsNot only the vitamin B2, but all B vitamins are important, and not getting enough of each one will yield different symptoms. Since these nutrients are critical to many body processes, when you don’t get enough, your body is pretty quick to let you know. Some B vitamin deficiency symptoms in adults are serious, and some are mild, but all of them are your internal alerts to let you know you need to make a few changes to your grocery list. When most of us don’t feel well, we automatically think we picked up a bug from the handle of a questionable looking shopping cart or got sneezed on by the rude individual in line at Starbucks, but it’s quite possible that you don’t feel well or are having symptoms because you are not filling your body’s required inventory list of nutrients. While reading nutritional labels is probably on the top 10 list of causes of migraine headaches, which happen to be one of the vitamin B2 deficiency symptoms, you will be doing right by your body to try it once in awhile.

What your symptoms will end up being greatly depends on what you aren’t getting enough of. Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms for instance, can cause depression and dermatitis. Not getting enough B5 can give you a nice case of acne. Vitamin B2 deficiency symptoms in adults can include cracked lips or sores in mouth corners, photo sensitivity, eyes that itch or burn, and a swollen tongue in its mild state.

Those are just the mild effects however. As your vitamin B2 deficiency worsens, so does how effectively your body decides to let you know. Imagine a child that has asked for something for months. As time goes on, the demands become fiercer. Your body is a 3 year old child, now give it what it needs or it’s going to get angry. As your 3 year old innards get more demanding, vitamin B2 deficiency symptoms will become more pronounced. You may start to experience pseudo-syphilis of the scrotum or labia. If nothing else gets you to eat properly, hopefully the fear of anything involving your genitals will give you the jump start you need. And if you are, in fact, planning to have a child and have a damaged fetus – this, too, can be a symptom of vitamin B2 deficiency in adults. Care for some seborrheic dermatitis? No? Well it’s one of the more fun vitamin B2 deficiency symptoms in adults. There’s nothing like trying to score a date when you can’t stop scratching yourself.

Don’t be angry if you are experiencing vitamin B2 deficiency symptoms, be glad. Be glad that your body is advanced enough to give you warnings when you are missing some of what it needs. In order for you to do your job every day, you require tools. You may use pens and a computer or you might use a hammer or a drill. Either way, depriving your soul vessel of its pens or hammer means that it can’t work the way it needs to, and it’s possible that it’s going to do a very good job of letting you know that it is missing some of its tools.

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