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Vitamin D

Vitamin D Benefits For Women – 10 Reasons To Take The Sunshine Vit!

By November 3rd, 2012No Comments

Vitamin D Benefits For WomenIf you are a female, there is a multitude of reasons for you to be taking the Sunshine Vitamin daily! Read our list of 10 vitamin d benefits for women, which are crucial for prevention of potentially serious diseases, and improvement of your daily life:

1. One use can be to help the body absorb more calcium and maintain it. Vitamin d and calcium absorption are linked because without Vitamin D, not enough of the hormone Calcitriol is formed. This will make the body take calcium from the skeleton stores, which will weaken the bones.

2. There is a link between vitamin d deficiency and hair loss. In the International Association of Trichologists, David Salinger concluded that hair loss is related to vitamin D deficiency in women. This can be supplemented with sun exposure or supplements. Exposure to ultraviolet rays releases a neuropeptide substance which aids the hair.

3. Vitamin D and skin are also linked and sometimes vitamin D is overlooked in favor of Vitamins E, A or C. However, Vitamin D is used to help the skin cell metabolism and turnover, and it treats itching, flaking, dry skin, and psoriasis. Vitamin D benefits for women will include cellular differentiation, which will give cells the opportunity to heal wounds and grow properly.

4. Vitamin D can help with chronic muscle pain. Without it, the muscles would be weak and there would be a risk of hip fractures. Misdiagnosed vitamin d deficiency could be mistaken for fatigue, depression, or even fibromyalgia.

5. Vitamin D benefits for women also offer reduction of Osteoporosis. This will start affecting the women who are over 40.

6. Vitamin D can prevent cancers in women such as breast and cervical cancer. These cancers are also widespread causes of death. Science suggests that vitamin D supplementation can reduce the risk of these diseases.

7. Vitamin D can improve blood pressure and heart health. Women especially might suffer from hypertension, and so should be tested for vitamin D deficiency.

8. Vitamin D benefits for women also include improved mood. Depression, anxiety, irritability, and premenstrual syndrome, these are common among women. And don’t forget the seasonal affective disorder in the wintertime, which would be a great cause to start taking your D’s with the first snow outside.

9. Vitamin D also regulates insulin secretion. According to the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, vitamin D will decrease insulin resistance that often leads to type 2 diabetes. If deficient in D, the person will not be able to have good glucose tolerance. Insulin is what causes liver, fat tissue and skeletal muscles cells to acquire glucose from our blood.

10. Finally, vitamin D also aids Alzheimer’s disease. Most patients of this disease are home-bound or sunlight deprived, possibly of old age. As people age the vitamin D is converted less into active form.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women will lead to higher risk of breast and colon cancers, skin flaking or abnormalities, osteoporosis, fractures in bones, and possibly high blood pressure and weakened heart health. To take advantage of the vitamin D benefits for women, it is a good idea to look into supplements as early as in your teenage years, in order to prevent unwanted deficiency effects in the future. Some sun exposure is also healthy, especially in the earlier hours of the morning when the sun is not as strong.

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