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Vitamin E

Vitamin E Benefits For Women – Skin, Hair, Scar Cure And Fertility?

By October 29th, 2012No Comments

Vitamin E Benefits For WomenVitamin E is every woman’s secret beauty weapon! This vitamin can penetrate the skin through the sebum layer. Age and sun exposure will lower our vitamin E levels in the skin over time, making the moisturizing and healing vitamin E benefits for women indispensable for the female inner and outer health.

Besides reducing hot flashes and menopausal symptoms, vitamin E is helpful as a vitamin for dry skin, as currently it is known that vitamin E levels are higher in people who naturally have oilier skin, and more sebum. Mostly due to its antioxidant properties, when the vitamin is taken as a supplement, it helps to maintain healthy skin and improves your scar tissue, and for some – even acne problems. This is also among vitamin E benefits for women which are appearance- related.

The benefits of vitamin E on skin do not end there. In its topical form, alpha tocopherol is greatly beneficial for healing wounds, scars, stretch marks, and has shown positive results with respect to softening rough skin, and reducing the depth of facial lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, in a study, topical vitamin E has displayed a reduction in UV ray cancer in mice.

When it comes to vitamin E for hair, it is essential as it will make the cells in your hair follicles stable, and help them grow. The free radicals will no longer damage hair cells as much, and vitamin E will assist with this natural protection. It will also work well in tandem with mineral named selenium, to stop attacks on the hair follicle cells.

Vitamin E benefits for women also include increased fertility and ease of conception. Vitamin E contains antioxidants which protect a woman’s eggs. Vitamin E is said to be able to increase fertility rates up to 25 percent. The reason is the antioxidant activity, which makes sperm more fertile.

Vitamin E benefits for women can be enjoyed in various ways: from certain food sources such as good fats, oils, leaf vegetables, eggs, and liver, vitamin supplements for inner natural healing, and topical vitamin E for anti-inflammatory effects. To receive the most benefit of vitamin E through supplements, it is recommended to eat 200 to 400 IU per day. Some doctors recommend a higher dosage.

Another beneficial vitamin for skin, hair, scar cure and fertility that offers plenty of natural healing power that you should pair up with your daily vitamin E is vitamin D. Vitamin D benefits for women are plentiful, and it is a natural healer. It is greatly beneficial for any scalp problems and diseases which may affect hair, and it benefits skin because it keeps the body fight infections. Taken orally or under natural sunshine, vitamin D will ensure our cells multiply and regenerate in an organized and efficient way, thus offering new skin and new cell formation daily. Finally, low vitamin D levels have long been associated with potential fertility problems in women. According to Dr. Mercola, getting enough of the vitamin not only helps regulate the woman’s menstrual cycle, but also improves her chances of conceiving, and protects her from female endocrine disorders.

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