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What Are The Health Benefits Of Dandelion Greens?

By March 6th, 2016No Comments

Health Benefits Of Dandelion Stop mowing your dandelions! There’s a whole lot of goodness deep inside that common and misunderstood weed, and you can start taking advantage of the health benefits of dandelion greens right now!

Many users of dandelion take theirs in tea, but that does not mean it’s the only method by which all of the wonderful health benefits of dandelion can be experienced. The green part of the plant still packs all the health benefits of dandelion that you find in tea, but in a much more versatile product that lacks the potential, although infrequent and mild, dandelion root side effects found in the sub terra firma part of the plant. In fact, while dandelion root weight loss plans ignore the green part of the plant, many experts, including Dr. Oz, suggest making a salad with the greens to go along with your weight loss routine. Dr. Oz mentions the relation between increased bile production in the liver and the breakdown of fat as a source of reason for this dietary suggestion. Another of the better known health benefits of dandelion is its ability to act as a natural diuretic, meaning that adding it to your diet can also help you reduce excessive water weight.

Not on a diet? That does not mean that you don’t need dandelion greens health benefits! They are packed with vitals for nourishment, and one of the most nutrient rich plant products you can find. In fact, they contain more vitamin A than all other greens in addition to the wealth of other beneficial essentials they contain. It’s like taking a multivitamin salad! A great how to for incorporating dandelion greens into a savory recipe can be found on the Healing Naturally by Bee website. The recipe calls for adding dandelion greens to bacon fat with onion, garlic and nutmeg. How could there possibly be a better way to take advantage of dandelion health benefits than via bacon fat?

No matter how you choose to incorporate dandelion into your life, find the way that works best for you and get it in there somehow. Using the greens can be a great way to spice up existing recipes that call for greenage, and considering the benefits to the body both with dandelion greens being an excellent nutrient vehicle, and the major assistance to internal organs, it’s clear to see that the health benefits of dandelion are worth exploring.

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