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Where To Buy Clove Oil Online?

By January 11th, 2013No Comments

Where To Buy Clove OilSometimes, shopping for herbal and alternative remedies can be frustrating. Thankfully, the internet has relieved a majority of this hassle, however, internet shopping can be dangerous and if you’re wondering where to buy clove oil, your choices may be unlimited, but good quality choices can be harder to come by.

Before you really start worrying about where to buy clove oil, you need to ask yourself why to buy clove oil and specifically what are you shopping for? Essential clove oil is a natural antifungal, anesthetic and antiseptic. In fact, it has been used in dentistry for a very long time as a pain reliever. Its uses don’t stop there however. It has uses in aiding digestion (including diarrhea!), combating viruses, candida overgrowth reduction, worm elimination (yup) and relief of bad breath. Oil can be made from the leaves, stems and buds although essential clove bud oil is probably the most common. Knowing which type of oil you are shopping for is important before worrying about where to buy clove oil online.

Cloves of course have many culinary uses as well as medicinal, although normally the clove itself or allspice or nutmeg as a substitute for cloves is used. This is because of its fantastic strong aroma and flavor. The pink clove has very useful flowers that can be used in cooking and potpourri, however while it’s gastronomic properties are undeniable, this potently fragrant plant has been used in nerve tonics and as a fever reducer, as well as a home remedy for coughs and minor throat infections. Some people also claim that cloves are useful as herbs for migraines.

Now that you know what you are shopping for a little more specifically, your search for where to buy clove oil online has just become exponentially easier. While you may find this product at the drug store, you may save money online, and be able to purchase products specific to your needs. A good online store to consider is The Vitamin Shoppe. They carry a 100% natural clove oil that is steam distilled and under $8.00. Shopping with The Vitamin Shoppe is safe and secure, and they offer free shipping on orders over $25.00. They also offer organic versions of this powerful product. offers clove oil extract bottles from various popular brands, such as Now Foods (3 bottle sizes to choose from) and a certified organic brand Aura Cacia ($7 for 7.4 ml). One of the biggest online vitamin retailers,, has occasional sales and promotions, so you can pick up Nature’s Alchemy or Aura Cacia versions of clove oil, in addition to your regular vitamin supplements order, at discount prices.

Clove oil has not been deemed safe for use in pregnant women and people with certain health conditions. Speak to your doctor before using clove oil to ensure that you are healthy enough to use it and that it will not interfere with any of your medications or current health conditions.

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