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Whole Vs Ground Cloves Health Benefits

By January 10th, 2013No Comments

Cloves Health BenefitsThere are many different ways to use and prepare herbs and spices, and when it comes to using those herbs and spices for healthy natural benefits, preparation and use may vary depending on what specifically it is that ails you. Cloves health benefits have been utilized for centuries given its antiseptic, anesthetic, antifungal and digestive aid properties, but depending on how you use your black aromatic dried bud, it may provide many other benefits that you did not know about. While oil will likely always be regarded as the traditional application of clove, the ground and whole versions have offerings of their own.

Whole cloves are best reserved for use as a flavoring in cooking and are known for their strong and spicy taste so a small quantity will do the trick, however good and fresh specimens will yield beneficial oil if coaxed out with a perfectly positioned fingernail. Don’t look past a whole clove strategically nestled in an onion as a meaningless flavor enhancer however, these vitamin A rich foods provide much benefit to the body as essential nutrient transporters making cloves health benefits even more evident. In addition to the vital vitamin A content, 320 calories per 100 grams of whole cloves will also provide you with a good source of vitamins C, E, a bit of B3 and B6, K, and several important minerals like calcium and magnesium, sodium and potassium, and much more!

Aside from the traditional extracted oil (a mainstay for sufferers of symptoms of a migraine headache) ground clove really ups the ante from its whole counterpart. Not only will it provide nutrients and tastiness to pies and treats whether for sheer pleasure or as part of a candida albicans diet, it also has more sensual achievements to speak of. For males suffering from a lack of desire, cloves health benefits can include stimulating arousal with its aphrodisiac like qualities when added to food or taken in tea. Cloves are also actually used in some medicinal formulas for premature ejaculation and impotence! Females, too, get to take advantage of the ground cloves’ natural healing powers as they help clear up vaginal discharge and reduce morning sickness during pregnancy. Note here that unlike whole or ground cloves, which are considered to be safe when taken as food in smaller amounts, essential clove oil in larger medicinal doses is not recommended for pregnant women or those who are nursing, because of its powerful potency and uterine stimulant properties, so beware.

So, while whole cloves and ground cloves may not offer the same powerful properties of it’s amazing oil, they still have their role in maintaining good health. Ground cloves however are preferable given that they are much easier to consume and incorporate into a diet and still offer cloves health benefits such as essential vitamins and nutrients.

No matter how you take your clove, take it! Centuries of medicine and research have proven that it’s an effective agent against many ails and who knows how many cloves health benefits are yet to be uncovered?

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