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Why Do I Feel Bloated After Eating Salad – Fiber Alert!

By March 7th, 2013No Comments

Bloated After EatingMany people eat salad prior to a meal or at lunch time, but for people on a diet, salad consumption can make up a very large part of their daily food intake. For some, this can lead to uncomfortable bloating, which in turn can lead to confusion because most don’t understand how the body can react negatively from something that is so good for it. There are several reasons why people become bloated after eating, even when what they’re eating is salad, so if you’re wondering “why is my stomach bloated” you may want to pay attention.

For starters, vegetables can cause gas. Like it or not, some salad staples can make as much noise coming out as they do going in. Cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli, especially when eaten raw, are big offenders and are about as far away from non bloating foods as you can get. It’s true that eating these common veggies won’t add much to your waist line in the form of calories, they might very well be adding inches to your tummy temporarily in the form of leaving you bloated after eating. So make sure to cook these thoroughly in order to break down the fiber walls in the veggies that may cause you to feel bloated.

You may be surprised to know that it has been suggested by alternative health gurus such as Bee, From Healing Naturally by Bee, that excessive fiber in the diet may not help digestion at all, and in some cases, can hinder it. Why is this relevant? Because for people wondering “Can fiber cause constipation” who are also experiencing excessive bloating, this increased fiber intake is important to determine the source of your popped out pouch. This is one explanation as to why high fiber veggies are often omitted from people on a candida free diet, even for those who have elected a raw food detox diet.

So how do you still get your fresh salad and not feel bloated after eating? Well, you can consider adding some non bloating foods to your diet before or after your salad (some you can even toss right in – like parsley!). You can also avoid processed, gluten and sugar-containing foods with your meal, and eat smaller salads more frequently instead of overly large bowls 3 times daily. If you are still feeling bloated after eating salads, there is no better cure than a brisk walk or a spot of exercise.

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